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Business hours are 9:30 am to the last booking of the day 3:30 pm Monday to Saturday and Half a Day on Sun 9:30 am till 2:30 pm.

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Please select the desired date and time for your service appointment. Ensure that the time chosen is when you will be available to grant access to your property. Note that the date format is DD/MM/YYYY and the time is in a 24-hour format
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Select the cleaning services you require. You may choose more than one. 'Carpet clean' covers all carpeted areas; 'Oven clean' includes a comprehensive degreasing; 'End of tenancy clean' is a thorough cleaning suitable for move-out inspections; and 'Window clean' encompasses both interior and exterior glass surfaces.
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Business hours is 9:30am to last booking of the day 3:30pm Monday to Friday and Half a Day on Sat 9:30am till 12:30pm. open now