5 Things Tenant’s Never Clean When Moving Out

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hi there it's Shaun, fantastic day in Christchurch today
Tenancy Move Out Cleaning tip today I want to talk
about cleaning I know
but it's an important part of managing properties
especially when you're doing inspections or you the tenant cleaning up to move out
tenancy move out or in when your
tenants move in the condition that you
give them the home is the condition that
they're supposed to give it back to you
at the end of their tenancy so you want
to make sure it's sparkling clean so you
can expect sparkling clean when they
leave there are

five things that tenants seem to never remember,
to clean and you may even forget to check these things so
when they move out
you give them their damage bond back
if you're in New Zealand that allows you to collect
a damaged Bond they move on and then
you look around and go oh my goodness
this place is actually quite dirty so

what are those five things all right
number one for some reason some people
don't seem to ever wipe a baseboard for
the entire time that they live in a
house so when they leave there's like
this much grime on the baseboards kind
of gross,

I always carry hand sanitiser wipes
with me so that I can give them a quick wipe
down number two these lights which is
almost always especially in the kitchen
areas seem to have little paw prints

well human handprints unless
they have a really clever dog but
they have prints on them they have
little you know grease but they

have the same little problem that the
baseboards do with a little layer of
gunk on the top so you're gonna need to
give those a wipe if your tenant has
already moved out and

these kinds of
things are the things that make your
property feel clean, okay you know when
people walk in and they go yeah yeah
this looks good it's just a surface

clean versus when they come in and
they're like wow this place is clean
it's sparkles and it's because of these
little details that over time can make a
place feel dirty even though it kind of
it doesn't look dirty on the surface
number three

actually I hope to do all of the cupboards
just because it seems like people don't
think to wipe the kitchen cupboards down
on the exterior but they certainly don't
remember to wipe the inside of the
drawers and

the cupboards down which is
full of crumbs usually right so you want
to make sure that every single cupboard
and every single drawer has been wiped
out and

the exterior of the cupboards
have been wiped
especially the handles right because
those handles you know you're cooking
you got something on your hand

but you really need a dish out of the cupboard
you pull it with your dirty hands and
then never wipe it right so that's
number three number four if you have a
place with blinds

I can almost guarantee
your tenants have not dusted or wiped
them down since they moved in and now
that they've moved out they still
haven't done it

so you're gonna want to
check this because this one is a pain
right a feather duster can take a lot of
the dust off but if they have dirt or

if you know a drink has been slashed on it
they're gonna have to be wiped down one
by one and it's a paint you can always
take it off and put it in the shower and

then clean it in your shower if you want
and then dry it and then hang it back up
that can be a faster way if you want to
take it down and put it back on anyway
those things need to be addressed

because that makes a house feel clean
when the blinds are clean number five
and this is one that I'm guilty of
forgetting it's behind the fridge
underneath the stove behind the stove
right moving those big appliances is
tricky in some houses

if the if they're not on wheels but that's where a whole
bunch of gross lives I can assure you in
my own house I'm astounded at the kind
of, first of all, there's more dog hair
back there than I even want to think

but it is just one of those places
that nobody looks but it collects a lot
of stuff so you want to make sure that
Furniture gets moved and

it gets cleaned underneath before your next tenants move
in when you care for your property like
this you will attract great people who
are going to care as well and

when they move out you can expect them to have it
at the same level of cleanliness that
they moved into it's a positive cycle versus
if it's a little bit dirty then it'll be probably
a little bit more dirty when they move
out and

it'll just keep going down that
road, so hopefully that helps you give
you five things to watch out for and to
let your tenants know that these are
things you're gonna be checking when
they move out what do you think tenants
If this is all too much for the tenant Out there,


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