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Tenancy Cleaning service

For end of tenancy cleaning or end-of-lease Call For Expert Tenancy Cleaning service. We are a Christchurch-based company. We offer a reliable and quick end of tenancy cleaning service, specializing in end of tenancy cleaning for all tenants and landlords all over Christchurch

Service Regions: We operate in Christchurch, Timaru, Ashburton, and both North and South Canterbury.

Specialized Cleaning Services: Dedicated to end-of-lease and comprehensive house cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning we guarantee precision and efficiency for all tenants and landlords in Christchurch.

Professional Expertise: With our deep knowledge and skillset, we serve the entire North and South Canterbury regions.”

Who is This Service for?

Property Managers: Ensure your properties are pristine for new tenants.
Tenants Leaving: Leave a clean home and secure your bond.
Landlords: Prep your property for new occupants with ease.
Sellers: Make a great impression on potential buyers.
Anyone Needing a Deep Clean: Get a thorough, professional cleaning.
Benefit of Using Our Service: Save time and effort with a guaranteed spotless clean, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind.

End of Tenancy Cleaning in Christchurch – Your Questions Answered

How much does it cost? While costs vary based on specific requirements, our packages usually start at a minimum of $450.
How can I book? Nearly 80% of our clients choose to book via a phone call. Alternatively, you can use the form on our website.
When can I get the service? Our team operates flexibly to accommodate your preferred timings. Availability can be discussed during booking.
What does the service cover? We offer a comprehensive clean, ensuring every corner of your property is spotless, from floors to windows and everything in-between.

Clean Slate, New Beginnings: We Clean, You Move

In a whirlwind weekend, we tackled a monumental task for a bustling family: three kids, two dogs, and a house brimming with memories and furniture, all needing to be moved and cleaned swiftly. They had just sold their six-bedroom home and faced a tight timeline due to the previous occupant’s delayed departure. Amidst their packed schedules and limited budget, our team stepped in with determination and efficiency. We cleaned every corner—from garage to oven, carpets to cupboards—ensuring everything was spotless and ready for the family’s next chapter. Our efforts were met with heartfelt gratitude; despite the constraints, we ensured they moved on, not just to a new house, but to a fresh start in their new home. The family’s satisfaction and the successful transition they experienced were a testament to our commitment to making significant life changes smoother and more manageable

Beyond Cleanliness: Facilitating Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

In the quiet suburb of Christchurch, our cleaning  staff members embarked on a profoundly meaningful task. We were called upon to clean a home recently vacated by the belongings of a beloved mother who had passed away. The job was not just about cleaning; it was about handling a space filled with memories and emotions.

The family, coping with their loss, was scattered and dealing with the complexities of grief. One sister, blind and relying on others to navigate her surroundings, needed our utmost care in arranging her space. The brother, coordinating from distant Australia, funded the cleaning service, trusting us to prepare their family home for sale.

 Another sister, who had travelled from out of town,Among them was the eldest sister, who managed the affairs with remarkable poise and organisation. Despite the emotional weight of the situation, she was a beacon of strength and efficiency, coordinating everything from clear-outs to clean-ups with grace and respect, inspiring everyone involved..

Our role was to ease their burden through meticulous cleaning. We washed walls, cleaned carpets, scrubbed the kitchen, and even detailed the oven—tasks that might seem mundane but were essential in helping the family move forward.

As we completed our work, the sense of accomplishment among our team was palpable. We left not just with a home restored to pristine condition, but with the deep satisfaction of having genuinely aided a family in their time of need. Our engagement went beyond mere cleaning; it facilitated a crucial transition for the family, allowing them to move forward with their plans swiftly and smoothly. This experience has only strengthened our commitment to supporting families through such pivotal moments, helping them close one chapter and confidently start another. As they sold their home and moved on—all within a weekend—we were reminded of the vital role we play in these life-changing episodes.

By the time we finished, the house was more than just spotlessly clean; it was ready to help the family close a chapter and transition with peace. Our work, done with sensitivity and thoroughness, was a small but significant comfort to the family during this time of change. We left knowing we had not only cleaned a home but had also helped pave the way for healing and closure.

Move Out Cleaning

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning
  • Ensure a seamless transition between tenants with our specialized end of tenancy cleaning. Whether it’s for a periodic lease renewal or a final move-out, Superclean ensures every space is spotless and welcoming for the next tenant.
  • Before and After Tenancy Cleaning
  • From the moment a tenant moves in to the time they depart, our team is here to maintain that pristine condition. Experience a noticeable difference with our before and after tenancy services, setting the gold standard in property cleanliness.
  • Cleaners for Long and Short Leases
  • Whether you’re settling in for the long haul or just a short-term stay, our flexible cleaning plans cater to all lease durations. Superclean is your trusted partner, ensuring consistency in cleanliness regardless of lease length.
  • Furnished and Unfurnished Properties
  • Every property is unique, and so are our cleaning strategies. For furnished spaces, we delicately handle and clean around your items, ensuring they shine just as brightly as the space itself. For unfurnished properties, we offer a comprehensive clean, ensuring every inch is ready for new furnishings or viewings.
  • Cleaner for Move Out Cleaning
  • Moving can be stressful; leave the cleaning to us. As you focus on your next chapter, Superclean steps in, ensuring your old space is left in impeccable condition, enhancing its appeal for future tenants or buyers.
  • Cleaner for move out cleaning
  • Hoarding Cleanup – rubbish removal
  • For properties that have accumulated more than just memories, our team offers a specialized hoarding cleanup service. With a compassionate and systematic approach, we help declutter, clean, and restore the property to its original glory. Starting at $1,500, our prices reflect the extensive work required, with more in-depth hoarding challenges for larger properties, such as four to five-bedroom homes filled to the brim, seeing prices rise up to $6,000. Given the sheer volume of rubbish in these cases, projects can span across three weeks. Trust in Superclean Services to navigate through even the most intense hoarding scenarios with unmatched professionalism and care.

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Customer Testimonials


YES…The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 Requires that you do a clean before you leave tenancy

The landlord does require that the Tenant have it cleaned by end of the tenancy. Some landlords charge the Tenants a Cleaning fee or even take it out of your bond That is included in your lease agreement before vacating.

Must be professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy and remove or arrange for the removal from the premises of all rubbish.  Let us take the hassle out of your next house clean by Ordering a Package for home cleaning services. Pick up carpet cleaning, window Cleaning, rubbish removal or deep clean

We work with a few property managers in Christchurch, and we know their standards regarding the condition of the property to be vacated. Book this service with us and you can rest assured that every square inch of your property will be professionally cleaned and polished.

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning
  • Before and After Tenancy Cleaning
  • Long and short leases
  • Furnished and unfurnished properties
    Moving In Or Moving Out Of A House
  • Ensure get your bond back

The Quickest & Easiest Way To Ensure get your bond back

At one point in our lives you may find yourself Having to move 

. It could be that you haven’t found a house you like to buy or you haven’t got the finances yet. Whatever the reason of your renting, at some point your circumstances will change and you will need to move out.

When moving out, most Property manager or landlords will do an Property inspection. The Property inspection is done to ensure that you are handing back the property in the way you found it, in many situations this means well cleaned and maintained.

So cleaning is a big part of an Property inspection and most people would hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning service. However, there are some who may feel that they can clean the property themselves, and while this is possible, here are some reasons why you should seriously consider a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.

1. Save Time, and free up your time. 

Don’t waste your time and start tenancy cleaning some people excel at tenancy cleaning and some don’t – which one are you? A dedicated team of cleaners will come in and clean the house in a matter 5 to 8 hours. You don’t have to be there to oversee the work so you can get on with other things.

2 Products and Equipment

When you hire us as a professional cleaning service. we bring along professional-grade cleaning supplies and products, to get the job done. We have special equipment required. If you got special needs we’ve probably done it before. If you have high ceilings We know how to handle it


Cleaning is a big part of most end of tenancies and relinquishing this responsibility to our team also frees you of all the responsibilities associated with cleaning. You can get on with other things knowing that our team, with our experienced and knowledgeable is taking care of the cleaning. All tools to tackle all those cobwebs high up.


Find a quick way through strict property managers with a
Tenancy cleaning

Whether you are moving out or moving in, we provide professional cleaning of your property before and after the tenancy ends.
End of lease cleaning by professionals
We provide professional cleaning service for both furnished and unfurnished tenants, so that your bond can be refunded back to you. Cleaning after shifting will make a difference in your life as well as the life of the people you care about.

Talk to Us on
Cell: 0220601100

Let’s talk about your cleaning needs
Calling our reception support hours 8:30 AM – 9:00 PM Call Us: 0220601100 Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
will call you back soon as Possible

Move In & Move Out Cleaning | Best Tenancy Cleaning Services| House Cleaning Christchurch
Whether you are a tenant leaving a property or a landlord who wants their property cleaned before the new tenants arrive, we are here to help.

A thorough “Movers clean” at the end of each tenancy will ensure that the property is presented for re-letting in the best possible light. Property Changeover – Super Clean will clear out and clean your property at the time of tenancy ceasing. It is obviously in a landlord’s best interests to have their property as presentable as possible when marketing it again to future tenants. In this regard, Super Clean will comply with the landlord’s requirements and can provide a range of increasing services Your home is your sanctuary. Or at least it would be if you weren’t constantly washing dishes, vacuuming floors, and dusting shelves. You can book online anytime, and super clean s certified cleaners bring all equipment and supplies which leave you more time to do literally anything that doesn’t involve a mop. I have a few appointments to fill up in my diary that is still free. They won’t be empty for very long.
We can clean your windows to make them sparkle and is one of our most popular services.

Movers Clean: Ready for the Next Chapter
Super Clean offers an exhaustive “Movers clean” at the end of each tenancy, ensuring your property is impeccable and ready for its next tenants. With a keen eye for detail, we bring properties back to their prime, making them market-ready in no time.

Property Changeover: Start Fresh
When one chapter closes, another begins. At the point of tenancy cessation, Super Clean steps in, providing comprehensive clearing and cleaning services, aligning with landlords’ exacting standards. Re-market your property with confidence, showcasing it in its best light.

Your Sanctuary, Our Duty
Your home is a haven. Why spend time on endless chores? From dishes to dusting, let Super Clean take over. Book online anytime. Our certified cleaners, equipped with all essential supplies, free you up to indulge in… well, anything but cleaning!

Window Cleaning: Let the Light In
Streaks be gone! Super Clean’s window cleaning service is renowned, making your windows not just clear but sparkling. It’s no wonder this service is a client favourite.

End of Tenancy Cleaning: Seamless Transitions
Transition with ease. Whether you’re moving in or out, our specialized service ensures properties are spotless, leaving no corner untouched.

Office Cleaning: Boost Productivity in a Pristine Environment
Maintain a clean, hygienic workspace. Super Clean’s office cleaning services cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring employees have a clutter-free, sanitized environment.

Builders Cleans: The Finishing Touch
After the hard work is done, Super Clean steps in. Post-construction, our team ensures sites are free from debris, dust, and marks, making them client-ready.

Spotless Ovens: The Heart of the Kitchen
An oven’s health is integral to its performance. Super Clean offers dedicated oven cleaning services, making them gleam and function at their best.

Trust in Super Clean
Safety and trust go hand in hand. All our staff undergo thorough police checks, ensuring the security of your space.

Window Cleaning Christchurch : See the World More Clearly

Christchurch’s breathtaking vistas deserve to be seen through crystal clear windows. Super Clean brings meticulous window cleaning services to every corner of Christchurch. With our skilled professionals and cutting-edge equipment, we ensure that your windows aren’t just clean; they sparkle. Whether it’s a high-rise office or a quaint home, Super Clean’s window cleaning service in Christchurch guarantees clarity and brilliance. Embrace the world outside with unmatched clarity.

Professional cleaner using an extendable tool to clean upper-story windows of a house in Christchurch
Expert window cleaning services at Dunston hill

Super Clean Window Cleaning in Christchurch use professional cleaning methods to make your glass sparkle, leaving windows crystal-clear and streak-free, inside and out. Our professional staff clean windows for homes, offices, and storefronts Homes look their finest and views are at their best with perfectly clear windows cleaned on a regular rotation by Super Clean professional operators. Super Clean supply the brushes and kit required to do an excellent job, so you can save the costs and hassle of maintaining a supply of equipment. Window Cleaning often makes up part of a one-off property or added to a move out clean at an extra cost refer to window prices. Added to Super Clean other home cleaning services leaves your home looking sparkling inside and out, as you prepare to move on.

If you like, Super Clean will schedule and complete regular cleaning of all your windows, every two months or as often as your property requires. We clean both interior and exterior windows, or just the exterior depending on your requirements. Window cleaning process in most cases when cleaning house windows we use a handheld equipment and a biodegradable cleaning solution’ safe to use on your windows as well as environmentally friendly Carpet cleaning Christchurch

You Can Thank Us Later – 3 Reasons To Stop Worrying About Dirty Carpet

All carpets are spotless, this is why, we use carpet cleaning modern machines on all domestic jobs. Use carpet cleaning machines to clean carpets, sofas, and for a more detailed list check it out in and See, End of Tenancy Cleaning. We also offer professional access to carpet cleaners in Christchurch.

Pet Bond Agreement

Pet Bond Templates

Pet bond templates

Unlock the key to effortless pet tenancy agreements with our exclusive, editable Word template. Designed with both landlords and tenants in mind, this comprehensive template simplifies the process of creating fair and clear pet bond agreements. Seamlessly blending flexibility with legal rigour, our template has been meticulously crafted to ensure peace of mind for all parties involved.

Just enter your details below to secure your download link. In moments, you’ll have access to a landlord-friendly document that not only respects the significance of your tenants’ furry friends but also protects your property interests. Tailor the agreement to your specific needs and pave the way for a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship with pets included.

Join the vanguard of New Zealand’s pet-friendly future today

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—Free download our customizable pet bond template now and foster a more inclusive, welcoming environment for tenants with pets.

  If your home’s looking less than stunning , pick up a perfect mid-winter pick-me-up for your precious carpets. The Super Clean team have over 20 years of industry experience between them, and they use the most advanced techniques and machines to ensure an effective service. With a range of great options available, this deal-s suitable for homes of pretty much any size.

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terms and conditions

When you secure a booking with us, whether it’s a conversation over the phone or a click on our website, the same terms and conditions apply, embracing the spirit of clarity and fairness.Here’s our straightforward approach: Payment for our cleaning services is due on the day we render them, exactly as detailed in your invoice. We’re flexible with payment methods – internet banking and cash are both accepted with open arms. However, please note that we have moved past accepting cheques.Now, let’s talk about timeliness. We cherish punctuality, both in our services and in payments. If an invoice isn’t settled within 7 days from the service date, a modest 12% interest fee will grace the outstanding amount. In the rare instance that an invoice needs to journey to our debt collection agency, any additional costs, including those enchanting debt collector’s and/or solicitor’s fees, will be yours to cover.We believe in transparency and fairness, and we’re here to make your experience as seamless and positive as possible.. terms and conditions